Have you been a recipient of Kindness?

Great! We hope it put a smile on your face. We don’t want anything from you, but we would love it if you would ‘pay it forward’ – the simple act of kindness.

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Pay it Forward

Have you been show an act of kindness? Great! Why not pay it forward and do something kind for someone else?

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What’s Your Style?

Be a Love NN Ninja!


Look for ways to give an anonymous gift or act of kindness

A Few Ideas:
  • Put a £10 Amazon voucher through a neighbour’s letterbox
  • Leave a generous tip at a restaurant
  • Wrap a £5 note around the token and place in a busker’s hat
  • Say thank you to someone who serves you with a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers
Be a Love NN hero!


Step in to make a difference when you spot a need

A Few Ideas:
  • Offer to help people you see in need, whether it’s the elderly, the homeless, new parents or foreign exchange students, look for ways to help people out and lend a hand.
  • Post this on your social media timeline: “I’m free this weekend if anyone needs a hand with anything #LoveNN”
  • Volunteer to serve without reward or recognition
Be a Love NN Amigo!


Be a friend and a help to the people around you

A Few Ideas:
  • Help a neighbour with their gardening or jobs around the house
  • Volunteer for a project, cause or charity in your community
  • Look out for people moving house to help them shift the big stuff
  • Or just take them over bacon sandwiches and can’s of drinks to make the day go easier
Be a Love NN Boss!


Run a business or self employed? Unexpected generosity!

A Few Ideas:
  • Offer an unexpected discount on an invoice to a client
  • Offer a service for free
  • On smaller jobs surprise a customer with no charge, and give them the token instead
  • Look for opportunity to help your staff to be generous and join in the fun
  • Reward customers with unexpected upgrades

Be creative with your kindness!

What is Love NN?

What would it look like if a whole army of people looked for ways to bless a stranger or show kindness to a friend, a colleague or neighbour?

What if they attempted to do this in many different ways, maybe through an anonymous gift, an act of service, through business (if you own one) or by stepping in and making the difference in a key moment in someone’s life?

What if the recipient of that blessing and kindness were invited to ‘pay it forward’ and bless someone else?

What would it look like if the story of Northamptonshire was to change, because ordinary people started their very own kindness revolution?

Kindness could change the world around us.

More Info

LoveNN is brought to you by Central Vineyard a church that meets in multiple locations across Northamptonshire, who believe small acts of kindness and love can change our world.

The foundation of the Christian faith is rooted in a story of love and in a God who loves his creation. The Bible says in a book called 1 John that “We love each other because he loved us first.”

Some people tick a box that says ‘Christian’ on a form simply because they were born in a so-called Christian country, yet the reality is that this doesn’t make them a Christian, any more than being born in a McDonalds would make them a hamburger.

Others think maybe there is a God; given the beauty of what they see in mountains and sunsets and love and life, but often they follow that thought with this idea that if that God was real then he’s probably angry, like an intergalactic policeman ready to come down and hit them with his stick or perhaps he’s just a distant and disinterested creator who’s old and disengaged.

Other people have stepped beyond those perspectives and have taken a journey of exploration and transformation, where they have come to know God in a deep and personal way, through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is a perfect Saviour who stepped into the human story in order to display the ultimate act of unconditional love. Dying on a rugged cross in our place and for our wrongdoing, so that we might have a relationship with God restored and live a life now and into eternity knowing him.

We know not everyone who reads this will agree, and honestly, we are ok with that! And these acts of kindness are done with ‘no strings attached’, and we mean it. But if you would like to find out more, then visit our main website: centralvineyard.co.uk

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